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  • Atradia

    Why Fenris?! WRRRYYYYYYYY!

    October 8, 2011 by Atradia

    Ugh. This is what, my fourth play through? I don't know how I went so long without realizing this, but apparently if you "indulge" in any other romantic interest, including Isabela, you forever close off the romance with Fenris. Now I'm in Act 3 with every LI closed off to me! This is so disappointing!

    Ah well. I have another character who I put on the shelf who was romancing Fenris. I think I'll pull him back out, because really, all of this was done for the end result, and I don't want to complete the first two acts AGAIN, right after finishing them.

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  • Atradia

    Aleta expertly picked open a locked side entrance, and stepped into the kitchen. She crept in, looking for the stairwell up to the bedchambers. She had broken in to the de Launcet mansion once before to steal a particular sword of Qunari origins. She remembered that mission well, for the room containing the sword had been heavily trapped.

    As she tip-toed towards the bedrooms, Aleta heard raised voices from the master bedchambers of the Comte. She pressed a curious ear to the door.

    “We can't let him stay here, Dulci!”

    “Do not worry, my dear. He is my uncle. Why would anyone question his presence?”

    “To the Void with that! Everyone knows he's not family. How long until he brings destruction down on our house? Kirkwall is the worst place for his k…

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  • Atradia

    Getting started

    October 5, 2011 by Atradia

    Well, this will be fun! I just noticed the Orlesian Murder Mystery competition, and there are only 3 days left! Thankfully I've always been a writer, and I already have a plot sprouting in my head. I suppose this will give me something much more entertaining to do while I lay sick in bed than read for class. :3

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