• AshleyJames


    November 13, 2009 by AshleyJames

    Currently, i've noticed as well as others have noticed, each shop has individual prices on items. I believe this is scaled either to level or to difficulty of the area etc.

    A great example would be both recipes and potions, a Lesser Lyrium Potion only costed 1 at the beginning of the game, while costs upwards towards 7 when at Dalish Camp.

    So my question would be formatting for values on items, there are many ways to do this; eg. (I actually prefer the 3rd example, however I just made it as I was writing so I might implement temporarily anyway until we can sort it out.)

    Buys for: 1 10 40
    Sells for: 1 24 80

    Buys for:

    1 10 40 from Quartermaster in Ostagar
    1 24 80 from Barlin in Dane's Refuge, Lothering

    Sells for:


    Buys for:

    • 1 10 40 to 2 20 80

    Sells for:

    • 1 …

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