• I was born on May 24
  • I am Male
  • Arrrghdrian

    To My Superiors

    Yes, I failed to hit my mark. But before you send your men to my door, know that the Orlesian only lives for an unanticipated turn of events caused it to be so. For a proper explanation, please allow me in the retelling of my experience with the noble from the moment I received your missive only two nights ago.

    It began when the carrier you sent me arrived at its usual perch in my home, just as I was preparing for bed. The poor thing looked an absolute mess, as if it had spent all day eluding capture. Upon closer inspection, clumps of gravel could be seen in between its ruffled feathers. Perhaps someone had been throwing rocks? Whether its sorry state had any bearing as to what would happen the next day I cannot say, but I fo…

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