Archon Gaius Lucius Vindicus Caesar III

  • Archon Gaius Lucius Vindicus Caesar III

    So I've been working on a complete theory of what Flemeth really is, as it seems to me like Bioware is crafting Flemeth into being the One, True Enemy of the Dragon Age universe. So I shall begin.

    This theory shall hold that Flemeth is actually the result of a use of The Dark Ritual to imprison the soul of the Old God Toth from the Third Blight into a tainted unborn child.

    I. Observations

    So basically this theory started out a few nights ago, and I finally decided to post it up and get some input from other writers on here. Basically our first clue as players that something is up with Flemeth begins with our introduction to her. Flemeth is the keeper of the Grey Warden documents, for reasons uncertain. Naturally, this is only Bioware's wa…

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