Some specializations appeared and evolved in the game series more than once. They are templar, reaver, berserker, guardian, assassin, duelist, shadow, arcane warrior, blood mage and spirit healer. Here is what I think about their changes

Assassin focused on increasing damage, in Origins it was hardly visible. It has bee most powerful in Dragon Age II because it had a deadly ability called Assassination. Some say it's overpowered but I liked it exacly for this. In Inquisition it focuses on increasing damages again rather than on deadly abilities and Assassination was replaced by Hidden Blades which is still useful. I find adding Knockout Bomb unnecessary. Mark of death is trade mark of the specialization and it didn't change much in sequels.

Duelist in Origins only increased defense and attack and the activated ability was giving critical hit chance 100% for short time and cooldown was relatively long. In Dragon Age II it was flawed because it had only one damaging ability which was very weak compare to dual dagger abilities. Isabela said so much about her specialization but she gave it too much credit. Good that this weak specialization doesn't appear in Inquisition.

Shadow trademark ability is decoy. It was improved with explosion, making it very tactical. Inconspicuous wasn't used by me and Pandemonium ceased to be special because Confusion works the same and every rogue can learn it. Rest of abilities focus on increasing critical damage. In Inquisition I miss the decoy and its explosions.

Arcane warrior was replaced by Knight-Enchanter and it was heaviliy improved. The best ability is spirit blade good at close range. Both specializations focused on defense and decrease of taken damage. The only reason I took arcane warrior was mainly because my mage could wear a heavy armor and I rarely used Shimmering Shield, mainly during fights against elite bosses like high dragon or Gaxkang or the archdemon.

Blood mage is useful as always and slightly improved. Blood mage could finaly regenerate thanks to fallen victims but that ability was taken from reaver. The most tactical ability was enslaving enemies and turning them against other foes. In Inquisition blood mage is no longer available.

Spirit healer was also improved but not much. Thanks to this mage could have more health. Healing many teammates and reviving them were the most useful abilities. In Inquisition spirit healers are no more, only knight-enchanter has one healing spell. Due to its undeniable usefulness I always picked this specialization.

Templar focuses on fighting demons and mages. In Origins holy smite was the most useful ability working on long ranges and in Dragon Age 2 it worked only on close range and enemies that surround the player. I think in Origins it worked better and in Inquisition it would be very useful. Silence was useful against ability dependent opponents and bosses like Arishok. Cleansing aura has always been used against magical circles and activated blood mage no real improvement in later games. Only a name changed to Spell Purge in Inquisition and it damages foes only when they have barriers and I don't see those damages because my game is glitched. In Inquisition templar is designed to fight against demons rather than mages expect for multiplayer ability mage-slayer. In my opinion templar ability got weaker in Inquisition, its all previous abilities would be more useful against whole this demon horde. However templar in Inquisition is very useful with ability The Last Sacrifice which heals companions when the templar falls. It is very useful when player fights against whole armies of foes or against high dragons.

Reaver's most useful ability in Origins was Devour and it worked only on fallen enemies when in later games it works only on still alive foes. I find it as a good improvement because then I damage a powerful boss and restore my health. Other abilities were like causing damage by own presense and I don't see much improvement in later games. In Inquisition it as 2 abilities taken from berserker and even symbols are the similar. It's an useful improvement but looks too much like a rip off.

Berserker lost an offensive ability and remained focused on increasing damage but in Origins I saw spectacular increase when in Dragon Age 2 it was so small. In Inquisition all abilities were absorbed by Reaver.

Champion in Origins was to increase defense of allies and knockdown foes by scream. In Inquisition this is more a Guardian than Champion because in ensures temporary invincibility. I rather call Champion in Inquisition Guardian because of this. So as a guardian it is well improved by Line in the Sand which summons spirits holding a line.

What's your opinion about those evolutions?