• Ancestralmask

    On Roleplay....

    December 2, 2009 by Ancestralmask

    Writing a blog post, because I can't think of anything helpful to do with the wiki right now. Wish I were at home so I could play, but alas.

    Anyway. How many people here actually roleplay? That is, making a character very different from yourself, and always following through with what that character would do? I usually TRY to roleplay, but my own feelings towards something will get in the way. For example... My evil mage, who couldn't care less about the world or other people, is being unnecessarily nice, because I, personally, can't stand the thought of not collecting all the characters. Quite honestly, she should have kicked Leliana out of the party ages ago. Probably shoulda kicked Morrigan out too (in theory, my chick hates women almost …

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