From: Assassin Bella Dark'Crest


You want to know what happen on the night I was sent to kill Orlesian noble? What happen that night? I ask myself this question numerous of times and sometimes I still get confused. Well then let me start from the beginning and maybe then I will understand it myself. It was the first day of Winter and what is not commonly know is, I was born on the first day of Winter. In fact you found me also in Winter, on the streets, when I was 15 years of age and my mother had died and I was evicted out of the slums, because I could not give them the rent they wanted, even after then took everything my mother ever own and when you took me in as a assassin. I did in fact was able to keep one thing that I held important, that was my mothers necklace, without there knowledge I took it. That necklace was my mother favorite and she told me that it had great meaning and one day when I reach a reasonable age she would tell me why she loved that necklace. Also in the necklace was a dried black rose, not common is these parts, but very common in Orlais. And Orlesian hated that type of rose, but my mother loved it so much. My mother dieing wishes was to never sell it, and to wear it and never take it off. So I did, from that day and on.

You might think it is has nothing to do with the failed Assassination, but it does in fact has everything to do with what happen that night. That day I was thinking of my mother and who I was as a person. I always think of her on the first day of Winter. But that day I thought of her even more and worst I could not get her off my mind that day. But like always I push it aside and move on to what is more important, the assassination.

The Orlesian noble who had everything and others like me had nothing, forced to live in slums, while the rich, live well. That always bothered me and It fuel me even more, learning that he was a Noble. So I waiting for the time to be right to enter his mansion. I waited when the sun went to slumber and sneak to his Mansion. It was the coldness of nights and something about that day, made me feel there was something very wrong. I enter his Mansion from the back and made my way to his chambers. While going up the grand staircase, I notice in every vase he had, there was dried black roses in them. I wonder why would this Orlesian noble have these here, as my mother told me that they hated it, why would he have it in all around the Mansion? I asked myself. Again I push it aside and move on. As I drew closer to his chamber, I smelled a perfume that my mother would buy every fall, even though it took half of our coins, she found it to be important, even if we had to skip day of eating. But I never questioned her and I felt if my mother finds it so important and I will too. And then I heard a very soft music box playing coming from his room and as I approach, I got to hear it even louder. It sounded like the music that my mother would play on the piano and she made me learn to play it also. I asked myself, why would he have this music that my mother had loved so much? And again I move it aside, not thinking anything of it and when I should of put everything together. I did not.

I put my hand on the door knob and turn it, I saw him sleeping, I approach him and took my dagger and aim it to him, but I then saw a photo on his dresser, of him younger with a young women. Who resembles my mother. The room was dark I could not see that well and beside it a music box. So I approach the picture and music box and took a closer look and it was indeed my mother! The question went though my mind as quick as the wind was going. Why is mother in those pictures? Why is mother holding his hand? Why would you mother, you of all people who taught me to hate the rich? Why Mother?!? I did not know, when I said the last question, I spoke those words not in my mind, but from my mouth. Then when I caught note that I woke up the Orlesian noble. I turn around with tears flowing down my face. He saw the necklace I was wearing and inquired after it and ask who gave it to me, when I said it was given to me by my mother and then he broke down in tears. And instead of calling the guards, he ask me to sit down. But I told him why I was I here for. When I told him, I saw some fear in this eyes, but he again did not call the guards and ask me again to sit down and to calm down and think what I was going to do before I would regret what I would do. Instead I started to scream at him and ask him all the questions to why my mother was in those pictures. He then said "Your mother? It can not be?!? Is it really you" I wonder what he meant be that and he said they were married, but she got mad at him and never forgave him. And left him and took their baby girl to live with her family. And when he heard of the down fall of her family and how they lost there fortune and tried to find her and never stopped looking even from this day on. He then said "If you name is Bella Dark'Crest, then you are in fact my daughter. Kill me if you must, but I will not fight you nor will I call the guards. If the Coterie sent you, then kill me for they are not the kind to be trifled with and I can not have anything happen to you." When I heard him say that, I ran away from him, but before I left him I said to him "Father this is not goodbye but it is farewell and mother did love you and never stopped loving you." After those words he started to cry. I could not stay to face the truth. Then I knew what my mother wanted to tell me for all those years. My Father gave her the Necklace and on the day of there wedding which is on fall he bought her perfume, that smelled like roses and everyday he would give her black roses. That's why he had roses in his home and smell of her perfume, to help him remember her by. And the music box he gave to her as a gift, but she left it. Now you know why I could not assassinate him.

I hope my words to sway you and please do not mistaken that you are like a family to me. You took me in at the age of 15, while others would not. Judge me however you like, but I know what I did was right. Now you know the truth. And if I had to do it again, well I would not change a thing. I know that I will honor my mother for what I did here.