It's been nearly two years since the release of DA:O and since then the franchise has been plummeting through a downward spiral. DA may not have been my favorite RPG franchise but it still managed to find a special place in my heart. Now, I can barely consider it to be part of my top five. It's simply ridiculous how far the series has fallen. I was really looking forward to DA2 but found myself questioning my decision to buy it after only 1.5 playthroughs (I will not detail my complaints here as I have already created a rather lengthy blog on the subject). Despite that, I tried my best to enjoy it. Sadly, it seems the developers made a pledge to see me fail. I was outraged by the fact that the first few DLCs were simply glorified item packs. Then Legacy came by, it may not have been perfect or necessarily fixed the game but it was a small step in the right direction. However, since the developers now hate success, they decided to release Mark of the Assassin and DA: Redemption. Any progress made by Legacy was completely obliterated in my eyes. I was already kind of on the fence with Redemption when it was first announced because of my lukewarm perception towards DA2 but I did not realize how bad it would end up. Tallis ended up being a horrible addition to the DA universe which was not helped by the shoddy effects/everything in general of the webseries. I was particularly displeased with the lore contradiction of Tallis existing (it was said by Sten in DA:O that women were not allowed to be warriors/fight whatsoever in Qunari culture). Overall I thought its quality was extremely low for a series actually funded by Bioware/EA (I'm not sure which). I was already regretting my purchase of MotA but I decided to play it nonetheless, for posterity. And lo and behold, my premonition was proven valid. Taliss continued to be the epitome of Mary-Sueness and her model barely resembled an elf (not to mention being somewhat fugly). It really made me question Bioware's already impaired judgment to create a full blown DLC for an ill-conceived character. It's a shame really, because other than that the DLC had a few staggers in the right direction (even though it was a tad too silly for the DA universe).