Anyone remember that abortion of a series known as DA: Redemption? You know, the one that was poorly acted, looked horrible, and contained enough Felicia day to make you vomit? Well if you want to get that bad taste out of your mouth, look no further!

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If you haven't heard, Nuka Break is a fan-made live action series based on the based on the Fallout series. Emphasis on fan-made. Though this may be episode six, I thought it best represented how a live action series should be handled. First of all, they decide to simply use the Fallout setting, portraying nothing from the main game other than gameplay related aspects. It simply enhances the enjoyment of the Fallout series as a whole. Next, their props and costumes are actually somewhat faithful to the setting. Just look at the NCR armor and the Fatman. They look nothing like cardboard *cough* templar armor *cough* and almost look straight from the game. They even managed to create an somewhat good looking ghoul (though they probably had to use the hair out of necessity). Finally, the acting and story are of somewhat high quality. There's a good balance of homage, parody, suspense, and genuinely awesome moments. Now mind you, this was FAN MADE. Redemption was actually funded by either Bioware or EA (not sure which) yet was substantially lower in quality.