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  • Aleksandr the Great

    Copied from my blog on the ME wiki. Some may call this overreacting but there are numerous other reasons I am feeling extremely dissatisfied with Bioware.

    As most people that have finished Mass Effect 3 know, the ending is quite awful compared to the rest of the game. With that, I have to say this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I spent quite a while trying to create a perfect Shepard through all three games. I completed every mission, did every sidequest, and talked to my squadmates constantly hoping to see the culmination of all my efforts come together in the trilogy's final ending. Now all I'm left with is disappointment. Sure ME3 was a superb game, but the idiocy that permeates that ending just ruined it for me. Really, I j…

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    Anyone remember that abortion of a series known as DA: Redemption? You know, the one that was poorly acted, looked horrible, and contained enough Felicia day to make you vomit? Well if you want to get that bad taste out of your mouth, look no further!

    If you haven't heard, Nuka Break is a fan-made live action series based on the based on the Fallout series. Emphasis on fan-made. Though this may be episode six, I thought it best represented how a live action series should be handled. First of all, they decide to simply use the Fallout setting, portraying nothing from the main game other than gameplay related aspects. It simply enhances the enjoyment of the Fallout series as a whole. Next, their props and costumes are actually somewhat…

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    It's been nearly two years since the release of DA:O and since then the franchise has been plummeting through a downward spiral. DA may not have been my favorite RPG franchise but it still managed to find a special place in my heart. Now, I can barely consider it to be part of my top five. It's simply ridiculous how far the series has fallen. I was really looking forward to DA2 but found myself questioning my decision to buy it after only 1.5 playthroughs (I will not detail my complaints here as I have already created a rather lengthy blog on the subject). Despite that, I tried my best to enjoy it. Sadly, it seems the developers made a pledge to see me fail. I was outraged by the fact that the first few DLCs were simply glorified it…

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    I'm Pissed

    June 14, 2011 by Aleksandr the Great

    Read the title.... it sums up all my feelings toward Dragon Age 2. I may be a little late on the bandwagon but I decided to give DA2 another chance for a second playthrough not long ago and it brought up some unsavory feelings. I don't know how it happened, Bioware has currently built up a reputation of creating games with good stories and numerous choices but I felt both were severely lacking in DA2. In DA:O I ended up creating 5 separate playthroughs. You know how many I finished in DA2? One... and a half. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I played the complete opposite of my first playthrough and saw little difference, I actually found myself bored. It wasn't the recycled environments, it wasn't the bland art style, and hell…

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  • Aleksandr the Great

    After watching the Skyrim game play trailer five times, I have to say that it is looking better than DA2. The music, game play, overall look, and hell even dragons are looking better compared to DA2. If you don't believe and haven't seen the trailer, slap yourself and behold the awesomeness that is Skyrim:

    Please, share your thoughts on the subject.

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