• Adam Sizzler

    (NOTE: Things highlighted in BOLD is particularly important, things in brackets [ ] are rough guesses of the answer, i romanced her a few hours ago, so i kinda forgot some of the dialogue sorry, however it's basically it.)

    I've realised ALOT of people have trouble with Romancing Leliana. Or maybe I've been reading dead posts on the Forums, anyway, here is my guide to helping people do it.

    -Firstly the easiest way is to get her approval to 100, to make sure it's at 100, compare it to your dog, Dog's one should always be at 100, or gift her Ale and see if it increases or not, since you can get infinite amounts of ale.


    -Then, (pauses and changes song on ipod) you want to break up with her, what you want to say is

    Let's talk -> About us ->…

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