So, I haven't seen anyone post this yet. Some of the people working on the Keep ran a twitch stream on friday, and a did a bit of Q&A.

The archived twitch stream can be found Here. Youtube now has it in two parts. Part 1 and Part 2.

They mention that a new wave of invites will be coming out, so anyone who signed up but hasn't gotten in will hopefully be getting in soon. Now, a brief summary of what was said, courtesy of Star Metal Knight.

1. The Varric VO is in 3 languages - English, German and French. Other countries will have subtitles for the time being.

2. If you play while connected in DAI, all the decisions will move to the Keep. You can change your decisions from DAI in the Keep at a later date.

3. How to create and import a World State?

  • Make your decisions
  • Click on the globe
  • Save your World State
  • Export to DAI
  • Run DAI
  • Import the World State
  • Enjoy!

4. BioWare created more images with decisions from the new title. So... Spoilers incoming!

5. Mobile Version is now up. You can check it out now. They recommend using chrome.

6. Secret! Blackwall and Cassandra image:


Are you ready to "Scale the Wall" or do you want to "caress Cassandra"...