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    So, ever since I finished up my first playthrough of Inquisition, well actually from the moment I started it, I’ve had theories and story ideas flying around my head, colliding with each other. Suffice to say, the words were mush. So, I’ve decided to, yet again, share my ideas with any of you who care to read them.

    Goes without saying, but...

    Mucho mucho spoilers ahead.

    Seriously. This is the point of no return....

    Well sorry for the great old big wall of text... Now...

    Where to begin, ah yes! The fate of the inquisitor!

    That epilogue left everyone pretty much gobsmacked, right? Solas is Fen’harel(?), or at least someone known by the mantle of “Dread Wolf”. And he wants to help the elves of Thedas, minus Sera. Since in his words, she is as much …

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  • ACdeakial

    Today, Bioware released a new trailer. Title "Hero of Thedas".

    Here's a link as well. Enjoy, and feel free to discuss. Will this be the final trailer?

    Vivienne is confirmed to be the voice at the beginning. It sounds like Solas speaking at the end, and during. It would also appear Solas is the one who leads us to Skyhold.

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  • ACdeakial

    So, I haven't seen anyone post this yet. Some of the people working on the Keep ran a twitch stream on friday, and a did a bit of Q&A.

    The archived twitch stream can be found Here. Youtube now has it in two parts. Part 1 and Part 2.

    They mention that a new wave of invites will be coming out, so anyone who signed up but hasn't gotten in will hopefully be getting in soon. Now, a brief summary of what was said, courtesy of Star Metal Knight.

    1. The Varric VO is in 3 languages - English, German and French. Other countries will have subtitles for the time being.

    2. If you play while connected in DAI, all the decisions will move to the Keep. You can change your decisions from DAI in the Keep at a later date.

    3. How to create and import a World State? …

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  • ACdeakial

    Firstly, I don't want to create any sort of definitive theory, I'd much rather point out some things that have made me, and will hopefully make any reader, think about. They can make a theory for themselves. Although I will pose a few theories about some things Dragon Age here.

    So having rewatched the new trailer repeatedly, I have concluded that the voice over was done specifically to throw us off, I do recall several moments where demons have compared themselves to a god, and the number of voices makes me believe that none of them were the Elder One.

    After reading a few comments on the enemy trailer, about the Elder One being an Old God, I gathered that quite a few people believe this. Personally I dislike the idea of having to fight an ol…

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