• -rphb-


    September 18, 2010 by -rphb-

    I am taking a sabbatical from this forum effecting immitigably. I realized after receiving a very enlightening comment from LynMars that I am not fit for speaking, even in a private forum like this.

    @rphb: How about you just stop assuming about people's origins, making sweeping generalities about other cultures/countries, and most of all, leave real world politics and opinions of them off a game forum and out of a topic about a fantasy world situation that isn't even political? The more I see you post, the more offensive you get about your apparent self-righteous superiority and need to be more right than anyone else (even about what are really opinions), and bringing a lot of irrelevant crap into threads and irking people. Seriously. (talkā€¦
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