Three additional issues also exist when exceeding the maximum companion cap:

  • Extra companions beyond the first three fail to get removed when the game forces you to play in solo mode. This can cause some weird issues to appear as mentioned in my zz_addparty post. Until this issue is fixed it is recommended that you first remove any extra characters before entering the Fade or other solo areas.
  • Extra companions beyond the first three do not banter with the others.
  • Extra companions beyond the first three (unless they are already explicitly written in) do not appear on the stage for group scenes and group discussions. You will hear no sound should they speak to you in those situations. Instead the camera will pan to a blank spot and you'll know that one of your extra's is speaking by that blank spot. You can then look in your journal to see what they said. You can also still click on them for a one-on-one conversation that works as normal. This issue can also cause a problem on the handful of occasions when the game erects physical barriers because extra characters can at times be left on the wrong side of the barrier. (This can be dealt with by removing them and then re-adding them once sufficient distance has been put between the party and the barrier.)
  • Dog is a big exception to the last issue since he is explicitly written into virtually every stage and scene in the game. Because of this, the fact that he doesn't have much in the way of "banter", and the fact that his talent list is small enough to quickly (if not completely) automate via tactics, Dog is probably the most common "extra" character that people add via zz_addparty. The limitations (aside from the first) listed in this blog post don't effect him, and the GUI issues listed for him in my previous post can also be surmounted for him via the mod I mentioned in that post.
  • Shale is also often an exception, since he has been explicitly written into many scenes.
  • Occasionally there are exceptions for other characters when it is particularly important for them to speak up. This is pretty rare however.

These problems aren't intractable like the GUI issues. They can be addressed via the toolset and their solutions incorporated into a mod.