• -Algol-

    Canon in DA

    October 4, 2012 by -Algol-

    The thought was circulating in my head for quite a while, but my personal sloth demon always swayed me from writing a blog, especially a long one, but finally I'm up to it. Yeah, and since it's a long one, you can always scroll down to the TL;DR version in the end.

    So the topic is canon in DA. What is canon? What is not canon? Are the spin-off media canon? Fully or not? Are cannons canon? That sort of stuff. The way I see it, is that numerous spin-off media, changes in the developer team (Knowles out, Gaider assuming direct control) and sometimes simply poor writing created a situation, where Bioware simply slipped the lore out of their (un-)able hands. Mind you, same thing happened to Mass Effect, but who cares about ME now, when it's doneā€¦

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