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  • I live in Eastern Time Zone, USA
  • My occupation is Graduate Student in Psychology
  • I am Male

Involvement Edit

Just a run-of-the-mill nerdy 24 year-old N7 Soldier/Grey Warden/Assassin brother/Dragonborn.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

I play DA:O as as Dual-Wielding Warrior, Human Noble named Ryan Cousland.


  • Everyone recruited and personal baggage dealt with
  • Alistair and Leliana hardened
  • Morrigan romanced, left for Leliana


  • Mages saved
  • Connor saved with Mages' help
  • Werewolf curse lifted
  • Anvil destroyed, Bhelen crowned king
  • Ashes preserved


  • Shale recruited, regained memories
  • Avernus' concoction destroyed, ethical restrictions enacted
  • Cailan's corpse recovered and cremated


  • Bann Vaughan killed
  • Subdued and thrown in Fort Drakon, Oghren and Zevran rescue
  • Slavers killed
  • Landsmeet won, Loghain executed, Alistair and Anora rule jointly
  • Ritual performed


  • Sided with guards, defended trade routes, struck down conspiracy w/Dark Wolf's help
  • Amaranthine saved, Nathaniel/Oghren/Sigrun kill Architect and Mother

Dragon Age II Edit

I actually did it. I beat the game on Nightmare. Mage Hawke, with Elemental, Primal, Force, and Spirit Healer. It was a pain in the ass, I had to use AI exploits in pretty much every fight, and a couple controllers got broken in the process, but I am so happy that I managed to beat this game despite the piss-poor balance-testing the developers did. I killed them all, every enemy group with 3 waves of reinforcements dropping in out of nowhere, every somersaulting stab-spamming Assassin, every sword-swirling Commander, every Shade and Mercenary horde, every Blood Mage and Saarebas, every Revenant and Arcane Horror, even the High Dragon and Hybris fell on the highest difficulty. I even whooped Corypheus and Duke Prosper, and these DLCs were so much more balanced and easy to complete that it gives me new hope for the combat dynamics of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I also left some lengthy strategies describing what I did, the Ser Varnell strategy got its very own page.

Carver went to the Grey Wardens (Bethany goes to Circle), Friend to All Living Things except Merrill and Anders, romanced Merrill, earned Arishok's respect, executed Anders and liberated the mages.

A Wiki Life Edit

I'm here on Dragon Age Wiki regularly, but my main stomping ground is Mass Effect Answers, where I've been a member for over a year. Dragon Age is a great franchise, and my primary franchise of expertise after finally scrubbing off the ME3 ending shame. Call me RShepard, or Shepard, but if we speak regularly and I know your first name, you can call me Ryan, much shorter than saying "RShepard227."

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