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  • I live in Eastern Time Zone, USA
  • My occupation is Graduate Student in Psychology
  • I am Male

Involvement Edit

25, living in New Jersey studying psychology in grad school, friendly enough for an introverted fantasy nerd. I spend most of my time here on the forums with occasional edits/cleanup. I try to avoid big projects since there's always someone with a better idea that can erase it at will, though most of my contributions remain. I've written strategies for some difficult fights in DA2 on Nightmare, an untested, unbalanced nightmare of a challenge if there ever was one. Namely, the Gangs battles, the fight against Ser Varnell in his mosh pit, the Antivan Crows fight, and contributed to and refined the Malvernis strategy. Namely, a lot of my strategies involve pulling, kiting, and dropping out of combat between waves, which the game demands at several points or another unless you're built in a very specific, Smogon-approved way, and I try to avoid writing from such perspectives. So if you consider that cheating, I wish you luck in finding that magic combination with exactly zero Maker's Sighs mid-game.

I'm also over on Dragon Age Answers, stop on by if you want to ask quick questions of the game without turning it into a big forum. I only ask that you read carefully before typing anything. You'll see what I mean if you come by.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

I play DA:O as as Dual-Wielding Warrior, Human Noble named Ryan Cousland.


  • Everyone recruited and personal baggage dealt with
  • Alistair and Leliana hardened
  • Morrigan romanced, left for Leliana


  • Mages saved
  • Connor saved with Mages' help
  • Werewolf curse lifted
  • Anvil destroyed, Bhelen crowned king
  • Ashes preserved


  • Shale recruited, regained memories
  • Avernus' concoction destroyed, ethical restrictions enacted
  • Cailan's corpse recovered and cremated


  • Bann Vaughan killed
  • Subdued and thrown in Fort Drakon, Oghren and Zevran rescue
  • Slavers killed
  • Landsmeet won, Loghain executed, Alistair and Anora rule jointly
  • Ritual performed


  • Sided with guards, defended trade routes, struck down conspiracy w/Dark Wolf's help
  • Amaranthine saved, Nathaniel/Oghren/Sigrun kill Architect and Mother

Dragon Age II Edit

Not much to talk about, except that I successfully completed every fight on Nightmare, with a Mage Hawke invested in Elemental, Primal, Force Mage, and Spirit Healer. I also did it without using Maker's Sigh once (so I had that wasted point in Mind Blast), and the only premium stuff I used was the Exiled Prince/Legacy/MOTA items, the Anderfel Cleaver for one fight (Black Emporium was free at the time of my playthrough so it's all acceptable), and the specialty accessories for companions because I couldn't be bothered to keep rotating crap on and off them. In the end it made little difference, but I did leave off stuff that conferred immunity to stun. In short, it's entirely possible to beat this game on vanilla Nightmare, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Sided with the mages for the most part. Karras was killed, Feynriel went to Tevinter, Arishok was killed in a duel, helped the templars once for the achievement(s), then helped the mages every time after that. Everyone stayed until the end and remained loyal, except that one guy who did something horrible at the end. He's dead now.

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