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August 24, 2013
  • I live in England
  • I was born on July 15
  • My occupation is Gamer, Insomnia Sufferer
  • I am Female

Kululu Cousland aka Kira

Me and Kululu
(Older Brother - Deceased)

Heya fellow Dragon Age fans! Oh bloody hell, where so I begin... Eh, let's see. My name's Kira, and I've been a Dragon Age fan since Origins. I've been following the Wiki for some years, so I thought I'd sign up and here I am. =D I own Dragon Age on Xbox 360, and Ultimate Edition on PC, while trying to find a copy of Ultimate Edition for Xbox so I can get the DLCs, I didn't mind Dragon Age II that much, even though it took me 3 years to finish... I'm very forgetful, I have memory loss, bad eyes [hence the tinted lenes] my typing skills aren't perfect so I apologize for that, eh... I'm shy/timid type of person, I'm an autistic gamer and I own a ton of games and characters. I only have one of my characters uploaded on BioWare's site, as they tend to never update mine properly so I'm going through Origins again, and hopefully to upload all my folks. My best characters are my Mhairi Cousland, she's my Warrior who is a Sword-Shield Tank, she's level 22 in Origins and level 34 in Awakening. Shadow Hawke is my Mhairi reborn, she's a Tank Warrior, Sword-Shield, and she's level 24 in Dragon Age II.

I'm not sure if I should be nervous of the next Dragon Age game, after what EA have been doing to the series Dead Space which has been ruined by EA and I just hope they don't ruin this one. I'm clueless on "editing", so sorry Admins, go easy on me I'm a wee bit slow on things, well numbers is my enemy, I'm not good with them at all. I apologize for any typos, my spellchecker on my web browser is pretty weird, so sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't. I'll add more about me soon, when I think of more. XD Thanks for having me here, and I'll do my best. =3 _______________________________________________________________________________

Here's a little about what my favorite about Dragon Age is, as I'm picky best at times. XD I was gonna add all these when I first joined, but I had a brain-fail, meaning I forgot.

Likes: Favorite Origin: Dalish Elf Origin

Favorite Companion: Leliana/Varric/Merrill/Isabela/Anders/Oghren/Alistair/Wynne/Mabari/Bethany

Favorite Character: Lady of the Forest

Favorite Place: Brecilian Forest

Favorite Specialization: Blood Mage/Keeper

Favorite Soundtrack: Leliana's Song

Favorite Class: Mage

Favorite Weapon: The Summer's Sword/Keening Blade-The Fade Wall Shield

Favorite Quotes: "By Maker's breath, but you're beautiful." - Alistair. - "You remind me of Hahren Paivel, Varric. Only younger. And shorter. And not as serious." "So it's a close resemblance, then." "Well, he tells stories. And you tell stories. Although none of his begin, "No shit, there I was." - Merrill and Varric. - "For Fereldan!" - Loghain

Favorite Enemy/Boss: Sloth

Favorite Creature: Witherfang


Dislikes: Non-Favorite Origin: Circle of Magi

Non-Favorite Companion: Loghain/Fenris/Velanna

Non-Favorite Character: Lady Isolde/Queen Anora/Marjolaine

Non-Favorite Place: The Fade

Non-Favorite Specialization: Spirit Healer/Shapeshifter

Non-Favorite Class: DA2 Rogues

Non-Favorite Soundtrack: Can't remember

Non-Favorite Weapon: Can't remember

Non-Favorite Quotes: Can't remember

Non-Favorite Enemy/Boss: The Archdemon/Marjolaine

Non-Favorite Creature: Deep Stalkers

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