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Templars heraldry DA2

Because I love the whole Dragon Age series, the lore, the characters, the world. Its all good and I hope you will enjoy it all too.


  • Clean up and improve main quest waklthroughs
  • Battle Mage Coat - everknit wool undermaterial, silverite metal, great bear hide leather, battlemage mail armor arms acceptable - rift mage
  • Yavanalis
  • Grey Warden Shield Schematic
  • Other spoils skyhold decor items

Favourite Origin: Dwarf Commoner Origin -Long live House Brosca
Favourite Companion: Isabela
Favourite Character: Loghain
Favourite Place: Orzammar
Favourite Specialization: Duelist
Favourite Soundtrack: [1] - Kirkwall Nights

Natia Brosca Profile

Natia Brosca

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Ellana Lavellan

On misused terms

"Always remember, almost nobody in this fandom understands what the term "retcon" actually means or how it is used." -

"For the love of the maker, a choice not having a lasting positive impact like you'd hoped is not the same thing as something being retconed."- Myself

Useful Guides

Handy Advice for Obscure Situations:

  • Avoid meta text references in character articles outside of listing companion status or playable characters in the introduction.
  • Always write in the persistent present tense
  • Don't include spoilers in quotes. They're to show off character elements not plot developments.
  • Always include your source in the edit summary when you add new information or include it in a reference, if you can't cite, then don't write
  • Talk Pages are for article guide discussion not plot discussion, use the forums for story discussions.
  • Don't include spoilers in Trivia if you can absolutely avoid it.
  • (Disputed) is the accepted standard for when a title is in contention during the events of the story
  • Never include (Formerly) in any titles. We always date our articles from the earliest appearance. If it is a definite unavoidable title which is gained later, add (as of 9:XX Dragon) or if it is dependent on the player character's involvement then add (Possibly)
  • It is acceptable to use an organization logo in the character transformer if they are a member of that organization and we lack a decent quality character image to put there.
  • Only use national icons for character transformers under the guidelines if they are somehow related to that nation's governance. If a Tevinter magister lacks an image, use the tevinter heraldry, if they're just some character who happens to be from Tevinter and isn't involved in their governance, just leave it blank.
  • For chantry members use the Golden Sunburst. For Tranquil use the Blank White Sunburst (for the lyrium forehead brand). For all Circle of Magi members post DA:O use Circle of Magi A heraldry DA2 (screen).png (the later circle of magi logo) not the older one from Origins.
  • Don't say "is a location in Dragon Age X" or " is a character/antagonist in Dragon Age X". They know that if they've found the article.
  • You don't need to include "In Dragon Age X" in an involvement section. The sub headings which say "Dragon Age X" are enough, you don't need to include it in the body text also. Just the quest name (cleverly disguised behind a conflict word preferably) is enough.
  • You don't need to put an image for each piece of equipment in a set if there is an image of every piece on the armor set page.

Loghain Fade Nightmare

Fen'Harel Vallaslin Design

Fen'Harel Vallaslin

Elven Pantheon Stained Glass Murals

Elven Pantheon Stained Glass

Sandbox for Experimentation

B Fresco Display


  • Remember for later: Enact CCEV

My contributions

-HD3 Sig

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