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Splr dao
“We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party.” — Morrigan
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City elf who dreamed about leaving for great adventures like his mother. After an incident during his wedding, he is taken from Denerim to Ostagar conscripted, as he would go to prison from killing Vaughn.

In Ostagar, he is treated rather unkindly by most of the common soldiers and humans alike, except for Duncan. The weird bashing however stops as he meets Alistair, his fellow grey warden. They easily become friends, wich makes for a great dynamic in combat later during the retrieving of darkspawn blood - dynamic that is not shared with the other recruits Daveth and Ser Jory. Still in the wilds, Darien meets Morrigan for the first time. Even with the warning words of Alistair, he gets this weird sense that this is not the last time the two will see each other.

After the brutal Joining ritual, Darien and Alistair are send on an errand during the battle to light the beacon of Ishal for Loghain, but while doing so they get ambushed and knocked out by darkspawn.


Dragon Age was the gaming franchise wich introduced me to modding - and now I can't really run these games without any modifications. I'll be using this space to organize all my favourite mods (more as a place to keep track of them than to showcase or anything). They're classified by type, so if anyone (like you) want to use some of them, it's easy to know those wich are lore friendly, just alter visual aspects, correct bugs, restore cut content, etc.

Required for ModdingEdit

The best DA mod manager.
CharGenMorph Compiler
To prevent character creation bugs from modding.

Mods to Dragon Age: OriginsEdit

Splr dao
“We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party.” — Morrigan
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins. Click here to reveal them.

General (Anyone would like to get back cut content)

Qwinn's Unofficial DA:O Fixpack
These fixes bring back a lot of content and fix some annoying bugs from quests and :stuff.
Morrigan Restoration Pack
A whole lot of cut content restored.
Dialogue Tweaks
Restores some interactions with the party, mostly Leliana.
Zevran Dialog Fix
Fixes some weird bugs on Zev, as well as restoring lost content.
Lightmap Fixes
Nope. I want my lights right.
Fang Bug Fix
As powerful as It should be.

Retcon fixes (Not everyone wants consistency)

Elf Update
Updates the appearence of most of the DA:O elves to match the features of DA2 elves.
DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO
We can't keep Flemeth's new design to herself. Isabela's nice as well. The interesting thing here is that Flemeth only changes once you come back to confront her.
Tranquil Tattoo
Adds the tranquil brand to all tranquils in DA:O.
Tranquil Chantry Robe
Adds those DA2 chantry robes to the tranquil and some other characters.
No Helmet Hack
I like to see my Warden and companion's faces.

Visual upgrades

Dracomie's True Textures
You'll have to download the full mod and install only the textures. Trust me, it's worth it.
Pineappletree's Color Combo
Just makes everything better.
Coordinated Ferelden Architecture
Makes more sense, to me.
Hazy Sun
I swear, that circle always bugged me.
Less Gaudy Tints
This is dark fantasy, after all.
Reduced Weapon VFX
Looks cooler and less annoying (specially the fire ones).
Neutral Teeth
Middle ground between vanilla and white.
Rescaled Blades
Elves now hold weapons that fit their hands properly.
Females Proportion Combo
All women are welcome.
Tucked Hair
Famous one. Brings a lot of new hairstyles (some from DA2), while fixing some weird parts of the vanilla hair.
Hairstyle Day
Unique hair so that your character can be really outstanding against the world.
Eyebrow Presets
Fixes the weird Vanilla eyebrows.

Companion morphs

Morrigan and Leliana Sacred Ashes Face
I just love their Sacred Ashes faces.
Morrigan's Hooded Robe
Delete "hf_genfl_morrigan.mor" from the folder. That way you get only the robes.
Qunari-like Sten Morph
Now he looks a lot more like the Kossith from DA2. And even more fearsome.
Mabari Upgrade
Because our doggy dog deserves it.


Unique Light Armours
DA:O has no unique design for light armors. This helps.
Dalish Light Armour
Female only, but cool enough to make it. I always import to use on Velanna on Awakening.
Apostate Clothing
Mage robes used to be boring.
Armor of the Devout
Great to use on late game Leliana. Avaliable after The Gauntlet.
Grey Warden Armours
Avaliable after the landsmeet. Adds a great feel of duty.
Grey Warden Garments
Everyone likes to dress like Duncan. Who doesn't?


Shapeshifter Plus
Makes Shapeshifters not useless.
Visible Console
Makes console commands visible.
Banter Code
If you boring with run to a bridge for banters.

Mods to Dragon Age: AwakeningEdit

Splr daoa
“I do not seek to rule my brethren. I only seek to release them from their chains.” — The Architect
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Click here to reveal them.


DLC Transfer To Awakening Patch
No more missing items.
Awakening Silverite Mines Bugfix
You can say that twice.
Blackblade Armor Dragon Drop Fix
Anders - No Earring Morph
Takes the earring off, so he looks a bit less like Duncan, and a bit more like his DA2 self.
Grey Wardens of Ferelden
You should delete the "Alistair" folder, as it could affect any next DA:O playthroughs you might want to have. You might want to disable this mod while playing through Origins.
This mod is very good for Awakening though, you get to wear a "grey warden uniform" with all your warden team.

Mods to Dragon Age: ExodusEdit

(Yes, that's what I call DA2. It was a stupid sequel name, I might as well retcon that on my head canon.)

Splr da2
“There are men who embrace destiny; these are the ones that change the world forever.” — Flemeth
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age II. Click here to reveal them.


DA2 Import Fixes
See how it starts?
Chargen Revamp
Improves character creation.
No More Bloody Teeth
Just akward.
Fenris Lyrium Ghost Fix Ultimate
As it should look.

Retcon fixes (Not everyone wants consistency)

DA2 Darkspawn Retextured
I still can't accept that one.
Iveys Zevran
Now Zevran looks like himself.
Iveys Alistair and Teagan
Way better.
Ishs Warden Nathaniel
Nathaniel clothes and eyes thank you.
Trailer Leliana
If you used the morph I used on Origins, this comes in handy.

Visual upgrades

Pineappletree's Color Combo
Must haves.
Natural Skin
Duchells Textures - Skins and Scars
Scars. Nuff said.
LOTC Skins for DA2
Good complement.
Bidelles Cosmetics 2
Some crazy shit.
SG Beauty Shop
More hairstyles.

Companion morphs

Stuff for Anders
Lots of different stuff, like the 'Dark Face'. I also like Sir Pounce-a-Lot's staff.
Prettier Aveline
Aveline's chin looked too exagerated to me. This one is nicer.
Younger Fenris
I thought he looked too old in comparison with my Hawke at the beginning of the game.
Better Merrill
Using number 7 to keep the lore on this one.
Siblings Morphs
I don't like the default siblings much, these four are more appealing.
Ivey's NPC Combo
All great.

Act 3 companion clothing

Fenris Jedi Master
People should look like they've changed during the time.
Leather Armor for Merril
She got a bit more used to the city
Ishs Scarf for Merrill (If romanced)
That elven chainmail on the neck looked weird for me.


Sunnies DA2 Item Packs Combo
If you want those unique looking items to be useful.
Evolving Legacy Items
Same issue as before.
Valuable Junk
The worst thing about this game got to be at least helpful.

My contributionsEdit

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