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Untraceable is a side quest you can get from the Favors for Certain Interested Parties board in the Gnawed Noble Tavern in Dragon Age: Origins.

Walkthrough Edit

Gather 10 pieces of Garnet. One of the jobs in the Crime Wave quest will give you 5 garnets. You can also find them in containers, when pickpocketing, or you can purchase them from various merchants. However, due to the small reward, purchasing garnets for this quest is not cost-effective.

In order to turn this quest in and collect your reward, you must complete this quest prior to completing the quest Harsh Decisions. If you complete Harsh Decisions first, "K" will be dead. Therefore, you can no longer collect your reward from him for the Untraceable quest. The Untraceable quest will be marked completed in your quest log, stating that he doesn't need gems anymore.

Rewards Edit

  • 1DAO goldpiece trans
  • 200 XP

Notes Edit

  • Completion of this quest makes Dead Drops available from the Bartender.

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