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Unintended Consequences is an optional quest received from the Chanter's Board in Redcliffe Village. A creature of some kind has been slaughtering merchants, and the Chantry would like someone to investigate.

Acquisition Edit

The Warden must first complete the Summoning Sciences quest, specifically the Second Sequence, summoning a Trickster Whim before the quest becomes available.

Walkthrough Edit

There is a chance that the party will meet a Trickster Whim while traveling on the World Map once the Warden has acquired the quest from the Board, typically found around Lake Calenhad and the Frostback Mountains. The encounter takes place in a Roadside Stop. Dispatch the trickster and return to a Chantry representative to inform them about the result.

However, you do not receive any reward for completing the quest.

Rewards Edit

Ico boots light Magus War BootsMagus War Boots
Light boots
Drakeskin (Tier 7)

Armor: 2.25
Fatigue: 0.57%
+12 defense
looted from the Trickster Whim

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