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For the talents in Dragon Age: Origins, see Two-Handed talents (Origins).
For a list of weapons requiring this talent tree, see Two-Handed weapons.

Two-Handed talents are talents available to the warrior class in Dragon Age II.

Ability tree Edit

2 handed da2

Talents Edit

Mighty Blow Mighty Blow
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 2
The warrior leaps into the air, crashing down on foes with tremendous force.

Physical damage: 4x
Physical force: 2x
Mighty Blow Killer Blow
Requires: Level 6
Mighty Blow becomes considerably more punishing.

Physical damage: +2x (total: 6x)
Mighty Blow Shattering Blow
Requires: Level 8
Requires: 2 points in Two-Handed
Mighty Blow now crushes enemies who a mage has made BRITTLE.

Cooldowns: -5s (total: 15s)
Physical damage: 300% vs. BRITTLEBrittle targets
Physical force: 200% vs. BRITTLEBrittle targets
Giant's Reach Giant's Reach
Requires: Level 3
Requires:1 point in Two-Handed
The warrior's two-handed attacks rip through the air with such power that each generates a shockwave past the point of impact, effectively extending the weapon's reach. This affects basic attacks, Whirlwind, Mighty Blow and Scythe.

Range: +1m for any Two-Handed 's talents (including basic attacks)
Sunder Sunder
Requires: Level 4
Requires:1 point in Two-Handed
The warrior's strikes carry such weight that critical hits gain a chance to STAGGER the victim.

Critical chance: +10%
STAGGERStaggeredchance: 20% vs. normal enemies on a critical hit.
Scythe Scythe
Range: Unknown
Activation: 30
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 5
Requires:Mighty Blow
Requires:2 points in Two-Handed
The warrior charges through enemy lines, felling combatants in the way.

Physical damage: 3x
Physical force: 2x
Scythe Reaper
Requires: Level 9
Scythe inflicts a great deal more pain, particularly against enemies a mage has made BRITTLE.

Physical damage: +1.5x (total: 4.5x)
Physical force: +1x (total: 3x)
Physical damage: 200% vs. BRITTLEBrittle targets
Physical force: 200% vs BRITTLEBrittle targets

Whirlwind Whirlwind
Range: Personal
Size: 6m
Activation: 30
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 7
Requires:Mighty Blow
Requires:Giant's Reach
Requires:3 points in Two-Handed
The warrior cuts through foes, hitting all targets within melee range with a single sweeping arc.

Physical damage: 3x
Physical force: 2x
Whirlwind Cyclone
Requires: Level 11
Whirlwind becomes murderously effective and can be used more frequently.

Cooldown: -5s (total: 25s)
Physical damage: +1x (total: 4x)
Whirlwind Tornado
Requires: Level 13
Requires: 6 points in Two-Handed
Whirlwind now lands a critical hit with nearly every swing.

Critical chance: 100%

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