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Treacherous Path is one of the random encounters in Dragon Age: Origins. The Warden and their party stumble upon a camp with two dead refugees and a mysterious note.

Enemies Edit

Note: They will not appear until you approach the corpses.

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Notes Edit

  • It is suggested the player buff the party before approaching the corpses. The Greater shade is incredibly powerful (even on low difficulties) and has an Aura of Weakness that will weaken a party for Slam. The Shades themselves are very tough also and will use Misdirection Hex, Slam, and the single target Weakness spell to weaken your party even further.
  • While Paralyze and Crushing Prison may be somewhat useless on the Greater Shade, Stonefist knocks it down quite easily if you've invested heavily in Spellpower. If you have it use Mana Clash; it will greatly hurt them, but will also generate a lot of aggro for your mage, so just make sure you have a way to deal with that.

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