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Traps are a Girl's Best Friend is a side quest in Lothering. Allison has heard that Barlin is setting traps around his land to protect himself from the darkspawn, and she wants to protect herself in a similar fashion. Since Barlin has already acquired all the traps in the village, she hopes someone can make her three Spring Traps.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: If you fail a Stealing attempt in Lothering prior to starting this quest, it will become unavailable - Allison will refuse to open a dialogue at all.

This quest is only available to a group with the Trap-Making skill. If Allison is approached without such a skilled Warden or companion, the conversation leads nowhere and the quest can never be obtained — she will not enter dialogue again.

Completing the quest is simple: convert three Trap Triggers into Spring Traps and give these to Allison. Prior to first passage through Lothering, Triggers are available from the Ostagar Quartermaster, Barlin in Dane's Refuge and the bandits' chests on the highway.

Exploit Edit

This quest is endlessly repeatable (until Lothering is destroyed). The first attempt to speak to Allison after first completion gives another "thanks for the traps I feel a lot safer now" and no dialogue, but after this she will be ready to accept more traps every time you speak with her.

  • In the downloaded ps3Icon ps3 version, in the menu wheel, the number of traps (over one set of 99) rarely match what you bought, sometimes appearing to reduce at the same time; it has no bearing on the actual total you have (checking your equipment inventory will show the truth of this).

Rewards Edit

  • 50DAO silverpiece trans (for each set of three traps)
  • 100 XP (for each set of three traps)

Note Edit

One very important note to make is that you will receive experience each time you do this as well. You will rapidly gain levels, which can lead to difficulty when you next encounter enemies with levelled gear while you will likely still be using grey iron. Use with caution.

If you unequip everything from your party except for Items that don't scale in level, sell them all in Dane's Refuge after achieving your desired level and gold, exit the building then go back in and everything will have scaled up to the appropriate level so you can have dragonbone armour and weapons at the beginning of the game.

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