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For the amulet, see Tranquility (amulet).
For the rite, see Tranquil.

Tranquility is an Act 1 main quest in Dragon Age II.

During this quest Hawke helps Anders, a former Grey Warden, free a fellow mage from the Templars.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is automatically available after completing the main quest A Business Discussion.

Walkthrough Edit

Travel to Lirene's Fereldan Imports in Lowtown and speak with Lirene. She tells you about the Grey Warden, Anders, and directs Hawke to Anders's Clinic in Darktown. The third set of dialogue choices affects friendship/rivalry (see Friendship and rivalry for details).

A group of angry Fereldan refugees protecting Anders is waiting outside. Bethany or Carver can be asked to step in to diffuse the situation. A diplomatic Hawke can also get the refugees to back off peacefully with the "We're on the same side" option. All other dialogue options lead to combat.

Travel to Anders's Clinic in Darktown. Anders initially reacts to Hawke's presence with hostile uncertainty but after asking for a way into the Deep Roads, he proposes a favor for a favor. Anders explains that he came to Kirkwall to free his mage friend Karl Thekla, who is a prisoner in the Gallows. Help Anders bring Karl to safety, and he'll provide Hawke with Warden maps of the Deep Roads.


The spirit of Justice comes forth.

Meet Anders near the Kirkwall chantry in Hightown at night and head inside. There is a Crate in the southwestern room. Karl can be found on the opposite side, to the right of the entrance. He had been made Tranquil and set up as bait. Anders is enraged by what has been done to his friend, and as the party is attacked by the templars, the spirit of Justice overtakes him.

The initial wave consists of:

  • Templar Lieutenant (Elite) – drops Ser Alrik's Letter – this must be looted quickly, as below
  • 3 Templars (Normal)
  • 1 Templar Archer (Normal)

Once most, if not all, of the normal ranks are defeated, a second wave appears:

  • Templar Hunter (Elite) – drops random loot
  • 2 Templars (Normal)
  • 1 Templar Archer (Normal)

The corpses must be looted before all enemies are dead and the cutscene begins.

Once the templars have been defeated, Karl becomes himself long enough to ask Anders to kill him rather than let him live as one of the Tranquil. No matter how you advise Anders, he will fulfill Karl's request. The party is automatically transported back to the clinic where you can learn more about Anders's unique condition. Codex entry: History of Kirkwall: Chapter 4 can be found to the left.

Strategy Edit

This fight is notoriously difficult on Nightmare, due to the very likely lack of adequate stun and crowd-control abilities. One way to do it is to order your companions to hold position and move them as a group back to the Chantry entrance. With luck, you will pull a couple enemies and the others will break off their pursuit to fruitlessly attack Anders, who is considered an ally and is invincible, allowing you to take out those who pursued you. You may even be able to "drop out" of combat, fully recovering and being able to save, before returning to Anders to repeat the process.

Friendship and rivalry Edit

When questioning Lirene she says she doesn't want to lose the healer to the Templars:

  • promising not to harm Anders:
    • Friendship small Bethany: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Varric: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Merrill: friendship (+5)
  • "Tell me where he is, or else.":
    • Rivalry small Varric: rivalry (+5)

When conferring with the angry Ferelden refugees:

  • If Bethany or Carver are asked to step in:
    • Friendship small Bethany: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Carver: friendship (+10)
  • Using the diplomatic option "We're on the same side" available to a diplomatic Hawke:
    • Friendship small Bethany: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Merrill: friendship (+5) (does not occur after the 1.04 patch)
  • "Back off.":
    • Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+5)
    • Rivalry small Bethany: rivalry (+5)
    • Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5)

When speaking with Anders for the first time, choosing to investigate and selecting the "Help him escape the Circle?" option:

  • "The mages need their freedom.":
    • Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10)
  • "That's a little controversial.":
    • Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5)
  • "Mages must be contained.":
    • Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10)

When speaking with Anders for the first time:

  • "I help all my fellow mages." option as a mage:
    • Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5)
    • Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10)
  • "You want me to fight templars?"
    • Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Bethany: friendship (+5)

Telling Anders to kill Karl:

  • Friendship small Bethany: friendship (+5)

Telling Anders let Karl live:

  • Rivalry small Bethany: rivalry (+5)

Result Edit

Unlocks the following quests:

Rewards Edit

  • 100 XP (after the confrontation with the refugees, regardless of the outcome)
  • 200 XP (for killing the templars)
  • 400 XP (quest completion)

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