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Train is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available once level 8 Influence is reached and the Inquisitor is a mage with the Rift Mage specialization.

Operation Text Edit

The Mages' Collective sent me a letter - they're very organized. It was they who asked me to study the rifts. I mentioned that, maybe? Anyway, it was a very good idea.

The Collective is interested in the results of my research - especially since I've been training you. Rift magic can be difficult, but I have notes. Lots of notes. If they read them carefully, there should be no mishaps.

Your Trainer

Advisor Suggestions Edit

Josephine - 4:00:00 Edit

Although apostates before the Circles fell, the Mages' Collective appears a relatively reasonable and moderate group. They commissioned the study; we can grant them the results.

Leliana - 3:12:00 Edit

The more who know, the more that knowledge will spread. There are advantages to wielding a weapon few understand.

Cullen - 4:00:00 Edit

This magic's barely tested; at least have them study here. I will spare some Templars to supervise if it means not sending those notes Maker knows where.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

I sent my notes to the Mages' Collective. Things must be progressing well - I haven't heard back yet. I'm sure they're very busy. There were a lot of notes.

Your Trainer

Leliana Edit

If I only have one student, I probably have the best one. That's good.

Your Trainer

Cullen Edit

Some members of the Mages' Collective arrived earlier this week. My progress impressed them. I suppose I'm Their Trainer, too.

I am sure we will all be very helpful to the Inquisition.

Your Trainer

Rewards Edit

Josephine Edit

  • No reward

Leliana Edit

  • 30 Influence

Cullen Edit

DAI-rare-staffbladeicon1 Superior Enchanter Staff BladeSuperior Enchanter Staff Blade
Rare Staff Blade

+7 Constitution

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