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Toy Horse is a plot gift in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. It gives +10 approval (with diminishing returns), specific to Oghren. If given to Oghren after he asks for a pony you will receive +17 approval.

Note: There is a dialogue that you can get with Oghren in which he asks for a pony. If you indulge him and later give him the toy horse, it will trigger another dialogue and boost his approval according to above.

Approval Dialogue Edit

Toy Horse - Gift

Begins with, "What's this! A baby's plaything?"

  • 1. You wanted a pony. Approves (+17) (ends conversation)
  • 2. I thought you'd like it. Approves (+17) (leads to next dialogue)
  • 3. It's a rocking horse. A pony. Approves (+13) (next dialogue doesn't matter)
  • 4. Don't you like it? I'll keep it then. Approves (+11) (next dialogue doesn't matter)
    • 1. You might have. Keeps approval Approves (+17)
    • 2. If you did, I don't remember. Disapproves (-4) -(from dialogue #2.)
    • 3. Just take the pony. Disapproves (-6) -(from dialogue #2.)

Location Edit

In a destroyed house in the Blackmarsh, near the mansion courtyard.

Reward Edit

  • 250 XP

Bugs Edit

  • xbox360Icon xbox360 You can initiate the dialogue before he asks for a pony.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 You can get the +100 approval bug.

See also Edit

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