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Tomas is a young member of the Redcliffe militia.

Involvement Edit

Splr dao
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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Tomas greets the Warden at the entrance of Redcliffe Village and tell them of the troubles plaguing the village, before taking them to Bann Teagan.

Should the Warden try to leave before the village is saved, Tomas will try to convince them to stay. During The Attack at Nightfall, he will fight alongside Murdock in the centre of the village.

If Tomas survives the battle, he will state that he is willing to sign up to the Arl's army to fight against the Blight, though he intends to get drunk first. He can later be seen at the tavern.

If the player abandons Redcliffe, he later appears as a walking corpse within Castle Redcliffe's dungeon.

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