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This page contains a list of situational dialogue and conversations Thornton has with other characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Thornton's remarks Edit

  • (Upon seeing a treasure room) Amazing! / Over there!
  • (Calling other players) Hey! Over here.
  • (Low health) Just walk it off.
  • (Fallen) It's an end, at least. / If only I'd done more.
  • (Revived) Thank you.
  • (Opening a lock) I'll do that!
  • (In battle) Get back, you bastards!
  • (Killed an enemy) Sorry, mate.

Thornton and Cillian Edit

  • Thornton: When the Breach first opened, I managed to evade demons by hiding in a snowdrift. 
  • Cillian: A wise man knows when not to fight.


  • Thornton: Considering what we’re up against, I really hope the Inquisition knows what it’s doing. 
  • Cillian: Does anyone ever really know what they’re doing?


  • Thornton: If I survive this, maybe I’ll move to a cottage. Get a dog. And a vegetable garden. 
  • Cillian: When I was living apart from my clan, I had my own garden. Cabbages, mostly. 


  • Cillian: I once dreamed of seeing places like this.
  • Thornton: I hope reality compares.


  • Cillian: Being with the Inquisition has opened my eyes to how little I truly understood the world before.
  • Thornton: I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have expectations challenged. 


  • Cillian: Did anyone try that ham they had at camp yesterday?
  • Thornton: Never eat the ham. It’s never ham.

Thornton and Sidony Edit

  • Sidony(Disgusted noise.) 
  • Thornton: Oh, dear. Your life is awfully hard, isn't it?


  • Sidony: Before we move on, we should decide how to approach this. 
  • Thornton: Try not to die. And try not to hit me.

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