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If I survive this, maybe I'll move to a cottage. Get a dog... and a vegetable garden.

Thornton is a player-controlled protagonist in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer.

Background Edit

A veteran ranger from Ansburg in the Free Marches, Thornton first served as a soldier in the Margrave of Ansburg's army, quickly finding a knack for stealth and reconnaissance. He became a valued scout, whose information resulted in the success of several key campaigns and quick thinking ensured his survival behind enemy lines. According to him, he eluded capture through various means, concealing himself in trees, pretending to be rock formations, hiding in burning buildings, running through fields of venomous snakes, and in his favorite tale, disguising himself as a general's wife so perfectly as to fool the general.[1]

Thornton eventually moved to Orlais and obtained a position in the Orlesian army.[2]

Splr tme
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for Dragon Age: The Masked Empire.
When the Orlesian Civil War erupted, he fought on the side of Empress Celene until he was sent to the Temple of Sacred Ashes in the Frostback Mountains as support for the Divine Conclave.[3]
Splr dai
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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.
In the wake of the Conclave's destruction and the reestablishment of the Inquisition, Thornton joined the Inquisition to lend his expertise in the hope of restoring order to Thedas.[4]

Involvement Edit

Thornton is involved in various war table operations. He can also sometimes be seen on the battlements at Skyhold with two other agents, near where Cullen is stationed. He can't be spoken to however.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Reports of Darkspawn Activity

Initial equipment Edit

Weapons Fereldan Skirmisher Longbow Icon Inquisition LongbowInquisition Longbow
Common Bow
Requires: Level 1

Damage: 34
+3% Attack
+6 Dexterity
Armor Scout Mail Icon Hunter's JacketHunter's Jacket
Common Medium Armor

Armor: 71
+2% Ranged Defense

Abilities Edit

Note: click expand to see the full list of abilities
Note: Not all of these abilities have the same preceding requirements as in single player.

Trapping Edit

Trapping Skill Tree

Trapping Skill Set

Explosive Shot Explosive Shot
Size: 4m
Activation: 50 stamina
Cooldown: 8s
Requires: Bow
You fire a powerful shot that explodes on impact, damaging enemies around your target.
Explosive Shot Chain Reaction
Requires: Bow
Shrapnel from Explosive Shot fills the air and sets off deadly reactions that do more damage the more enemies that are nearby.

Damage bonus per target: 25%
Maximum damage bonus: 100%
Elemental Mines inq icon Elemental Mines
Activation: 50 stamina
Cooldown: 24s
Requires: Set Them Up
You throw out an assortment of different traps in front of you, applying different elemental effects to enemies that come into range.

Damage: 50% weapon damage
Chill Duration: 8 seconds
Fire Damage: 50% weapon damage per second for 8 seconds
Shocked Duration: 8 seconds
Elemental Mines inq icon Throw Everything
Requires: Elemental Mines
It's now or never. You use every ounce of stamina you've got to litter the battlefield with traps. The more stamina you use, the more traps you throw.

Throw 1 additional trap for every 5 stamina
Fury of the Storm inq icon Fury of the Storm
Requires: Flask of Fire
When your stamina is exhausted, you fight even harder, lashing out with fury to win the fight.

Damage Bonus: 10% when Stamina < 50%
Constitution +3
Spike Trap inq icon Spike Trap
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 16s
You set a trap that, when an enemy approaches, detonates and flings enemies into the air.

Damage: 300% weapon damage
Spike Trap inq icon Watch Your Step
Requires: Spike Trap
You can remain in stealth while using a Spike Trap, and enemies are flung even farther into the air.
On the Razors Edge icon On the Razor's Edge
Passive You do more damage to enemies close to you.

Damage Bonus: 15%
Cunning + 3
Throatcutter inq icon Throatcutter
Passive A wounded enemy is the perfect target. Your attacks are even deadlier against targets that are close to death already.

Damage Bonus: 2% damage for each 10% missing health
Dexterity +3
Seasoned icon Seasoned
Passive The hunter has the skills, knowlege, and experience to survive against all odds.

Dexterity + 3
Cunning + 3
Constitution + 3
Set Them Up inq icon Set Them Up
Requires: Spike Trap
You've mastered the proper placement of spikes and levers. When you spring any kind of trap, your enemies feel it.

Damage Bonus: 25%
Willpower +3
Hamstring Cripple (Inquisition)
Passive Attacking an enemy from behind slows them for a short time.

Speed Reduction: 50%
Dexterity +3
Warrior&#039;s Resolve Sadism
Passive You gain stamina when you lose health.

Stamina Restored: 10% for every 10% health lost
Constitution + 3
Death from Above Death from Above
Passive You do more damage when firing from elevation.

8 Maximum damage bonus: 25%
Cunning +3
Strafing Shots Strafing Shots
Passive You can move faster while firing without sacrificing accuracy.

Speed bonus +100%
Dexterity +3
Pin Cushion Pincushion
Passive If the first arrow doesn't kill them, the tenth might. Each consecutive hit with a bow attack does progressively more damage to the target.

Damage bonus: 5%
Dexterity +3
Cheap Shot Cheap Shot
Duration: 6s
Your Critical Hits tear through enemy armor, leaving it sundered for a short time.

Cunning + 3
Throwing Blades Throwing Blades
Activation: 50 stamina
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 12s
You hurl a group of knives at all nearby targets, ripping through their armor and leaving it sundered.
Throwing Blades Precision Targeting
Requires: Throwing Blades
When facing fewer targets, you group your knives so that the more blades that hit a single target, the more damage they inflict.

Damage bonus: 25%
This bonus stacks
Fighting Dirty Fighting Dirty
Passive All of your sunder and poison effects last longer as you make more potent toxins and uglier wounds.

Duration bonus: +25%
Dexterity + 3
Toxic Cloud Toxic Cloud
Size: 5m
Activation: 20 stamina
Duration: 8s
Cooldown: 12s
You unleash a cloud of toxic dust that damages all enemies that remain in the area.
Toxic Cloud Contact Poison
Duration: 8s
Requires: Toxic Cloud
Toxic Cloud has a shorter cooldown time and now also poisons enemies in the area.

Cooldown reduction: 5 seconds
25% weapon damage per second
8 seconds
Explosive Toxin Explosive Toxin
Size: 3m
Duration: 8s
Your poisons curdle the blood of your targets. Enemies that die while poisoned explode in a shower of toxic mist.

Damage Bonus: 50%
Dexterity + 3

Survival Edit

Survival Skill Set

Survival Skill Set

Fallback Plan inq icon Fallback Plan
Activation: 35 stamina
Duration: 15 seconds
Cooldown: 32s
Requires: Opportunity Knocks
You place a thieves' lantern to mark a fallback location before heading into battle. When the fight gets ugly, you leap back to safety, as healthy as you were when you placed the marker.
Fallback Plan inq icon Bait and Switch
Requires: Fallback Plan
You can fight for a longer period of time before leaping back, and you pull your closest enemy with you.

Duration Bonus: 5 seconds
Leaping Shot Leaping Shot
Activation: 35 stamina
Cooldown: 12s
Requires: Bow
You dive out of trouble and fire a hail of arrows at the enemies that were trying to close with you.
Leaping Shot Rolling Draw
Requires: Bow
If Leaping Shot hits, you can use the momentum of your leap to do a stronger draw as you come back to your feet. Your next attack, whenever you make it, will knock down its target.

Damage bonus: 200%
First Blood First Blood
Passive You've learned to pick apart enemies that are still unwounded and unwary. You do more damage to enemies that are only slightly injured.

Damage bonus: 15%
Health threshold: 80%
Dexterity +3
Evade (Inquisition) Evade
Activation: 20 stamina
Cooldown: 2s
You leap away from incoming attacks, putting yourself where you need to be to win this fight.
Evade (Inquisition) Hidden Step
Requires: Evade
Enemies will swear you're still there, attacking empty air and hurting nobody but themselves as you leap away.

Duration: 3 seconds
Damage: 300% weapon damage
Gaps in the Armor inq icon Gaps in the Armor
Requires: Knockout Bomb
Your attacks slip past armor to find a target's hidden vulnerabilities.

Armor Penetration: 25%
Dexterity +3
Deep Reserves (Inquisition) Second Wind
Passive When your stamina is low, its regeneration increases significantly.

Low stamina threshold: 50%
Stamina Generation Rate Bonus: 50%
Dexterity + 3
Bloodied Prey Bloodied Prey
Passive Your strikes cut deeper into any foe whose current health is lower than your own.

Damage Reduction: 10%
Cunning +3
Crippling Blows Disable
Passive Critical Hits on an enemy reduces their damage for a short time.

Damage Reduction: 15%
Dexterity +3
Knockout Powder Knockout Powder
Size: 6m
Activation: 35 stamina
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 20s
You throw a handful of dosed dust into an enemy's face, putting them to sleep for a short time.
Knockout Powder Deep Sleep
Requires: Knockout Powder
Enemies affected by Knockout Powder sleep longer and are slow to wake up after being damaged.

Duration bonus: 10 seconds
Damaged sleep duration: 3 seconds
Tricks of the Trade inq icon Tricks of the Trade
Requires: Fallback Plan
You help the team make the most of its abilities, increasing the damage and duration of all status effects the party applies.

Damage Bonus: 10%
Duration Bonus: 10%
Willpower +3
Stealth (Inquisition) Stealth
Activation: 20 stamina
Cooldown: 24s
You step into the shadows, all but invisible to your enemies. Attacking from stealth gives you a damage bonus and brings you back to the enemy's attention. Dealing damage to enemies reduces the ability's cooldown time.
Stealth (Inquisition) Lost in the Shadows
Requires: Stealth
You live in the darkness. Entering stealth is now instant and removes all debilitating effects on you. While in stealth, you can even pass through enemies without being detected.

Removes debilitating effects
Pass through enemies undetected
Knife in the Shadows inq icon Knife in the Shadows
Requires: I Was Never Here
You are a deadly threat to any enemy that can't see you coming. When you attack from stealth, you automatically critical hit.

Dexterity +3
Hook and Tackle Hook and Tackle
Activation: 20 stamina
Cooldown: 12s
You hurl a light grappling hook at a target, then yank hard as you leap to pull yourself to it.
Hook and Tackle It Beats Walking
Requires: Hook and Tackle
You can use Hook and Tackle with no Stamina cost or cooldown time.

Eliminates stamina cost and cooldown time
Evasion (Inquisition) Evasion
Passive They can't hit what they can't see. Your deceptive fighting style gives you a chance to dodge enemy attacks, taking no damage.

Chance to activate: 5%
Dexterity +3
Full Draw Full Draw
Activation: 65 stamina
Cooldown: 24s
Requires: Bow
It takes a moment to line up the perfect shot, but it pays off with a devastating hit that bites even deeper against enemies that aren't injured yet.
Full Draw Stunning Shot
Requires: Bow
Enemies hit by Full Draw are knocked briefly unconscious by the power of your shot.

Sleep duration: 20 Seconds
Easy to Miss Easy to Miss
Passive Enemies are likely to overlook you in combat, much to their regret. This is especially true if you are flanking them.

Threat reduction: 25%
Flanking threat reduction: 100%
Cunning +3

Quotes Edit

Main article: Thornton/Dialogue

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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