The walls are high, but the rooftops of the surrounding houses are higher. The gates are busy with shipments. And the guards worry more about keeping glassworkers in than thieves out. ―The Smiling Guildmistress

Thieves! is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Glass or The Dowager Steps Forward.

Description Edit

The Acerbic Dowager's ladies-in-waiting tremble behind her, their eyes red from tears. Before she approached you, the Dowager satisfied herself that they weren't responsible. A hasty investigation reveals that hers are not the only valuables to have gone missing.

Thieves have stolen glittering works of glass and silver that were under your protection. The crime must be answered.

Available actions Edit


Tell your chevalier-commander to track them down
Your guards are eager to restore their honor. Will they remember to conduct themselves appropriately?
Difficulty: Dignity*12/7
Success: +10 Prosperity
Failure: -10 Freedom, +10 Prosperity


Pursue them yourself
This will take a sharp mind and a delicate hand.
Difficulty: Cunning*6/5
Success: +3 Clues, +4 Prosperity
Failure: -4 Dignity, +6 Peril, +5 Clues