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The Wounded Coast is a feared place, one of the roads that travel into Kirkwall, known for its bandits that hide among the rocky cliffs, as well as the predators that stalk the area.



Act 1

Quest icon DA2 Duty
Note: can also be completed in Act 2
Quest icon DA2 The Unbidden Rescue
Quest icon DA2 Wayward Son
Quest icon DA2 Blackpowder Promise

Act 2

Quest icon DA2 Forbidden Knowledge
Quest icon DA2 Herbalist's Tasks
Quest icon DA2 The Long Road
Quest icon DA2 The Lost Patrol
Quest icon DA2 Raiders on the Cliffs
Quest icon DA2 Search and Rescue
Quest icon DA2 The Unbidden Rescue

Act 3

Quest icon DA2 Who Needs Rescuing?


Crafting Resources

Here are the resources in this area for the Supplier achievement:

Act 1

  • Glitterdust at the end of the south-pointing dead end on the extreme northeast side of the map.
  • Elfroot (2), one on the south side of the north path just past that first northeast clearing, the other one at the dead end on the far west of the map.
  • Spindleweed on the path to the northeastern clearing.
  • Raw Lyrium Tal-Vashoth cave during Blackpowder Promise quest
  • Silverite during the Blackpowder Promise quest, relatively in the same area with Raw Lyrium.

Act 2

  • Raw Lyrium in the Dank Cave during Forbidden Knowledge.
  • Elfroot about halfway down the east-west path on the south side (a little past the first Raiders).
  • Embrium (2), one on the south path by the blocked mine, one on the north path where it slopes up to the right.

Act 3

  • Elfroot just past the mine cart on the east-west path.
  • Embrium to the left just short of the far western exit.

Notable items

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3


If the Warden chose to cure the Werewolves, Hawke will come across a former Werewolf being harassed. Hawke can side with the elves, which leads to the man being killed; defend the man, upon which the elves attack you; or convince the elves to leave the man alone (the last option is only available to a diplomatic Hawke).

  • Convincing the assassin killing the human isn't what her mother would have wanted: Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+5). Talking the Dalish out of killing the human nets 510 XP and some silver.
  • Allowing the assassin to kill the human results in 500 XP, some coin and Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+5).
  • Defending the human and killing the elves nets most, around 100 XP and some random loot for the kills, plus 500 XP and 50 silver as he thanks you: Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+5).
  • Before you start the dialogue she will say "Do you even know her name, shem? No? It's Danyla. She's dead." Danyla was part of the Lost to the Curse quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

BUG! This encounter can still trigger even if the warden did not lift the curse, so long as Zathrian's clan was not killed.


NOTE. There are two areas that you can access that don't show on the map. One in the northern labyrinth and one in the Tal Vashoth camp to the left before the cave. Both are hidden behind bushes and contain just normal loot.

Wounded coast map

The map of The Wounded Coast

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