The Whispering Woods is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Omens or A Meeting with the Outlaw.

Description Edit

The folk who live in the forest - the charcoal-burners, the woodcutters, the bandit-clans, the Dashing Outlaw's people - are ruled by their old superstitions. But they know the woods like no one else. When they speak, it's wise to listen.

When the boughs whisper, the woods are hungry. At times like this people go missing on its trails. Wisps burn in the gloom under the leaves. Sing-song voices echo between the boles. It's not spoken of openly, but every Seraultine knows that old, forgotten things dwell in the woods. From time to time they must be treated with, or driven back.

"Keep to the path," the wisdom says. "And don't listen to the cries in the woods, whoever they sound like."

Available actions Edit


Drive criminals into the Deepwoods
Let the forest have them. It will be a fit punishment.
+20 Twilight, -10 Peril


Warn even the lawless folk
(Requires Twilight > 10)
No-one deserves what waits in the woods. You'll need to seek them out, despite being the very person they're hiding from.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*2
Success: +10 Peril, -20 Twilight
Failure: +10 Peril, -10 Twilight


Take no part
You have no place between the heathen things of the wood and lawless men. They are welcome to each other.
+1 Authority