The Wayward Bard's Return is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from Judging the Errant Siblings, and unlocks The Lord of the Wood Comes a-Calling.

Description Edit

The Bard drinks a deep draught of your good wine to gather his wits.

"The woods, it turns out, have their own court: a hall where the trees walk and the stones speak. Beasts congregate there like courtiers. I saw a wolf and a deer drinking water side-by-side from a silver bowl.

"A green knight rules there. He calls himself the 'Lord of the Forest', and you the 'Lord of Road and Field'. Got horns growing from his helm. He's the one the Dashing Outlaw gave our Errant Siblings to. Uses them as cupbearers. They pour water for the beasts from golden jugs. He's done something to them. There was moss over their eyes and tongues. They don't speak any more. "

"The Horned Knight was courteous enough. He says he's happy to release the siblings to you if, in return, you'll grant him a favor one day."

He takes another drink. "Can't help but feel we've got rather more than we bargained for."

Available actions Edit

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Leave them to their fate
Trafficking with spirits is a matter for fools or mages.


Request their return
Who- or whatever this Horned Knight is, the siblings are your vassals, and must face your justice.
-20 Peril, +10 Twilight, +Authority, +1 Secret, gain In the Horned Knight's Debt
Adds The Lord of the Wood Comes a-Calling to the Happenstance deck