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This is a list of dialogue used in combat and exploration for the Suave voice set for the Warden.

Note: This voiceset is for males only.

Battle commencement Edit

Any Edit

  • "All the noise and bother!"
  • "Couldn't we all just get along? ...No?"
  • "Now this should be amusing."
  • "They're all so eager to die, aren't they?"

Encountering beasts Edit

  • "Tsk. Poor animals--why do they attack?"

Encountering darkspawn Edit

  • "I'm sensing more darkspawn."
  • "Oh, let's just deal with these ones and move on..."
  • "Time for more darkspawn, I see..."

Encountering undead or demons Edit

  • "The unnatural are always so... bothersome."

In battle Edit

Any Edit

  • "Play fair!"
  • "Shame about the face!"

Manual selection Edit

  • "All right."
  • "And so I shall."
  • "As you desire."
  • "Delighted!"
  • "Direct me."
  • "How wonderful!"
  • "If you must."
  • "What now?"
  • "Yes?"

Unsuccessful attack Edit

  • "I need something new!"

Successful kill Edit

  • "Another foe fallen!"
  • "Well done, I say, well done!"
  • "What a shame."
  • "You could have just given up, you know."

Exploration Edit

Activating/deactivating mode Edit

  • "I see we've all stopped to smell the flowers and adore the sunshine."
  • "Now all we need are a few pretties and a bit of music."
  • "Where are we now, dare I even ask?"

Detecting traps Edit

  • "I'd watch out were I you."
  • "See there? That's a trap."

Successful lockpicking Edit

  • "All done."
  • "All over now."
  • "Complete."
  • "I have done it."
  • "I have finished."

Unsuccessful lockpicking Edit

  • "Ah, no."
  • "It cannot be."
  • "Sadly not."

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