This is a list of dialogue used in combat and exploration for the Mystical voice set for the Warden.

Note: This voiceset is for humans and elves only.

 Battle commencement Edit

Any Edit

  • "An enemy's ahead!"
  • "Let us end this quickly!"
  • "We must strike quickly!"

Encountering beasts Edit

  • "What strange beasts!"
  • "Dangerous wildlife."
  • "These beasts are surely dangerous."
  • "Can we not drive these animals off?"

Encountering darkspawn Edit

  • "Darkspawn! Destroy the fiends!"
  • "Darkspawn! Beware!"
  • "These are vile and tainted creatures!"

 Encountering undead or demons Edit

  • "Be wary, these creatures can be unpredictable."
  • "I sense unnatural foes ahead."
  • "Spirits- must be on our guard."

Encountering dragons Edit

  • "A dragon, look out!"
  • "A dragon is a terrible enemy, we must tread lightly."

In battle Edit

Any Edit

  • "This is a waste of time!"
  • "Begone!"
  • "Now you see true power!"
  • "You will not win!"
  • "You want to die, don't you?!"
  • "Foolish!"
  • "This will not end well!"
  • "Now you fall!"
  • "I will not falter!"
  • "You have forced my hand!"
  • "There is no glory in bloodshed!"
  • "There is no hope for you now!"
  • "I knew we could not lose!"
  • "You'll pay for that!"
  • "We have done well!"
  • "Flee while you can!"
  • "Clumsy!"

Manual selection Edit

  • "My power is yours!"
  • "Yes."
  • "I am ready."
  • "At your command."
  • "Where shall I strike?"

Successful kill Edit

  • "Now you die!"
  • "Another falls slain!"
  • "I have beaten one!"

Battle condition Edit

Low health

  • "I'm terribly wounded!"
  • "This is not good!"

Very low health

  • "Bleeding! Bleeding badly!"
  • "That was a difficult battle- I should bear a scar or two to remind me of it."

Exploration Edit

Any Edit

  • "As you say."
  • "So shall it be!"
  • "It will be done."
  • "Very well."
  • "Yes."
  • "Of course."

Activating/Deactivating mode Edit

  • "Yes."
  • "There are far better things we could be doing with our time, no?"
  • "Perhaps I should begin reading, since we've stopped?"
  • "Hmm, what is that? Some new kind of beetle?"

Successful lock-picking Edit

  • "I am done."
  • "I have done it."
  • "Success!"
  • "The task is finished."

Unsuccessful lock-picking Edit

  • "It cannot be done."
  • "No, I cannot."
  • "I'm afraid not."