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The Vault of Valammar is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

These gears should fit the lock on a large door clearly made to keep out thieves.

Acquisition Edit

This quest can be triggered during or after Deep Trouble, simply by picking up a Dwarven Gear inside Valammar.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: A full list of notable loot items in Valammar is outlined on the Valammar page.

There are two gears that need to be gathered to be used on the door at the other end of the room where the Carta Leader is. The gears can be found:

  • Behind the Carta Leader in The Vat Room
  • In a locked room in the Hall of the Elders, second floor at the other end of the bridge where the darkspawn are. It will be in a Dwarven Pot. A piece of The Fall mosaic is also found in this room along with a Inquisition-Shield-Schematic-icon1 Darkspawn Shield SchematicDarkspawn Shield Schematic
    Shield Schematic

    Armor: 19–24–29–32
    Damage: 4 Metal
    Defense: 6 Leather
    Defense: 3 Metal
    Masterwork: 1 Masterwork
    , among other items.

Return to the door and place each gear on both sides of the door and turn them the complete the quest. Enter the room to be attacked by a level 10 elite hurlock alpha and three hurlocks.

Reward Edit

  • 512 XP
  • 80 Influence
  • 2 Power

Notes Edit

The following items are found in The Vaults:

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