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The Undaunted Chevalier is a market day action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

He stands at the town gates, challenging the finest of Serault's chivalry to a duel.

His steed - restless bay - paws at the road. His armor is red and black. A rose emblazons his shield. His dragonbone sword flares in the setting sun.

Available actions Edit


Fight him yourself.
Are you not the finest Serault has to offer?
Difficulty: Derring-do*6/5
Success: +22 Dignity, +2 Derring-do, +1 Trophy


Ask for a volunteer to fight him
Serault has chevaliers of her own.
Difficulty: Dignity*?
Success: +Dignity, +1 Trophy
Failure: ?


Wait until he goes away
You've more important things to worry about.
Result: -Dignity

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