The Turnoble Estate is a homestead and farm in the Arling of Amaranthine in north-eastern Ferelden.

Involvement Edit

The Warden-Commander will find the Turnoble family, along with a templar, dead upon arrival. There is no possible way to save them.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Far Afield

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Ico Money MoneyMoney

GoldDAO goldpiece trans SilverDAO silverpiece trans BronzeDAO bronzepiece trans
Requires: Inventory
13DAO goldpiece trans 27DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans, Goodwife Valena Turnoble (dead)
Ico longbow Chasind ArmChasind Arm
Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
Requires: 34 dexterity

Damage: 9.60
Critical chance: 1.60%
Armor penetration: 8.80
Strength modifier: 1.00
+3 damage
+8 attack
, Goodwife Valena Turnoble (dead)
Tre ico diamond DiamondDiamond
A brilliant cut, colorless stone.
, Goodwife Valena Turnoble (dead)
Ico boots heavy Stormchaser BootsStormchaser Boots
Heavy boots
White Steel (Tier 8)
Requires: 42 strength

Armor: 3.38
Fatigue: 3.38%
+4 dexterity
+3 defense
+5% electricity resistance
, Templar Corpse