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The Survivors of Vigil's Keep is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening found during the main quest The Assault on Vigil's Keep. When the Warden-Commander arrives at Vigil's Keep, they discover it is under attack. Not all of the civilians were able to escape, but the Warden-Commander can help them escape.

Walkthrough Edit

You need to explore the keep to find four survivors. They are often under assault from darkspawn and can die if you don't react quickly enough. It is possible to use Heal to save them.

The first survivor is located at the bottom right of the map shortly after finding Anders. The second survivor is hiding in a small storage room behind the portcullis. The third and fourth survivors are in the room on the mid-right side of the map and in the room next to it.

All survivors can be found before coming across Rowland.

Note: Once you leave the Keep Interior for the Battlements and fight the Withered, you cannot return to the Interior, so make sure you find all of the survivors before leaving.

Result Edit

  • The survivors you found are saved.
    • If you found all of the survivors, the quest will end with: "You rescued as many survivors of the attack on Vigil's Keep as you could."
    • If you miss any of the survivors, the quest will end with: "You failed to rescue all of the survivors in Vigl's (sp) Keep."
  • For each survivor saved, you gain 500 XP.

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