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The Spoils of Desecration is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The combined pieces make a key that may be used to open something likely important and certainly old.

Acquisition Edit

Clicking on the door to Unadin Grotto will grant the quest. Alternatively, destroy and loot the graves in Var Bellanaris until a tomb key piece is found and this will also trigger the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Find the key fragments by destroying and looting the graves in Var Bellanaris.
  • Use the key to open the Unadin Grotto tomb door to complete the quest.
  • Though the quest is complete, go down into the first room and up the stairs. When you loot all the items in the central urn, corpses and an arcane Horror will spawn. Kill them and return to the first room. More corpses and a revenant will spawn.


Completing the quest yields:

  • 256 XP
  • 160 Influence


  • If you complete this quest before completing From the Beyond, Keeper Hawen will admonish you for destroying the graves and you will lose favor for the By the Grace of the Dalish quest. You will lose additional favor for looting the tomb proper. Looting the various loot boxes that are not tombs does not trigger disfavor.
  • If you complete this quest after completing From the Beyond, Keeper Hawen will not mention it and you suffer no negative consequences.

Notes Edit

  • The revenant always drops:
Frost Rune icon Frost RuneFrost Rune
Adds cold damage to each weapon strike

+10 Cold Damage

Unique belt icon Superb Belt of Ranged DefenseSuperb Belt of Ranged Defense
Unique Belt

+10% Ranged Defense
  • One piece of the Invasion mosaic is found in the second room.
  • If you wish to avoid unlocking the door with the key, a horse dismount trick can get you through the door. Align horse alongside door and dismount. It might take 1-2 attempts but does work 100%. Fast travel to get out of tomb afterwards.
  • If you use the horse trick to enter tomb without first completing the quest to assemble the key, the demons will not spawn when you loot the tomb urns, reducing loot gains.
  • It is possible to fast travel away from the tomb after looting the containers, avoiding battle entirely.

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