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The Shield of the Knight Herself is an Act 2 companion quest for Aveline in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is acquired by looting the gift item Shield of the Knight Herself in Ser Varnell's Refuge during the main quest Offered and Lost.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Aveline at her office in the Viscount's Keep. This will trigger a conversation where she takes offense at the way she is being made to give up every part of her old life. This gift quest can impact your relationship with Aveline as well as reward you with the gift item. Hawke will present the shield gift to Aveline, who in turn gets upset and throws the shield to the ground.

Hawke then can ask what happened in either the diplomatic, humorous, or aggressive choices. The following dialog changes depending where Ser Wesley's Shield is. If Aveline has Wesley's shield equipped, she will complain that she has to give it up. If you've sold it, put it in Hawke's Personal Storage chest, or destroyed it earlier, she will complain that you sold it for gold. If you have it in storage but not equipped to her, she will complain that you're "passing it around".

Hawke still won't understand the reason for Aveline's anger. Choosing either the hardened, aggressive, or diplomatic options will lead Aveline to finally come out with what's bothering her. When Aveline asks, "I'm not sure where I'm going as it is. Replacing what I was with this...I mean, who is Ser Aveline to me?" you can respond with the following:

  • "Don't make it such a big deal" or "I don't care, just use it."
    • Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+15)
  • "I'll take it back then" or "It's just a gift for a friend"
    • Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+15)

Result Edit

Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+15), if you insist that it is just a gift and it is in no ways related to Ser Wesley or Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+15), if you do the opposite.

Rewards Edit

No matter what dialog choices you make, you will receive the Shield of the Knight Herself. However, its stats and who is allowed to use it varies depending on the dialog choices made:

  • If you choose to reply "Don't make it such a big deal." or "It's just a gift for a friend." then you'll receive the shield, that can only be used by Aveline.
  • If you choose to reply "Then I'll take it back." or "I don't care, just use it." then you'll receive the unrestricted version, which can be used by either Hawke or Aveline.

In addition, 250 XP for choosing "Don't make it such a big deal" or "It's just a gift for a friend".

Notes Edit

  • The unrestricted version of the shield has slightly different stats: instead of +88 attack and 190 armor, it has +2 strength and 174 armor.