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The Sacred Heart is a unique amulet in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Note: If a pre-built history or Dragon Age: Origins save was used where Alistair was made King, killed or exiled, Stroud will be leading the Wardens and will give Hawke the Warden's Promise ring instead.

Notes Edit

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for Dragon Age II.
  • If Alistair was in a romance with the Warden, he says that the amulet "belongs to the love of my life...but she's always finding things like this."
  • If Alistair was in a romance with a Warden who died, he states that it belonged to the love of his life, but "she doesn't need it anymore."
  • If Alistair was not romanced and the Warden died, he says that it belonged to a friend but "he/she doesn't need it anymore."
  • Under any other circumstances Alistair will say it belonged to a friend.
Bug icon Bug! The lines acknowledging a romance with the Warden does not trigger correctly; he will always state that it belonged to a friend. A fix can be found for the PC version here.

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