The Rusted Horn is a tavern located atop the dam adjacent to the Keep of Caer Bronach in the Crestwood region in western Ferelden.

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Quest icon DAI Still Waters

Approval Edit

  • Talking to the two villagers (Lonnie and Milton) in the tavern during Still Waters quest:
We didn't know you were here, ser. Please don't tell anyone!
Q How did you get in here? -
DAIApproval Solas Slightly Approves
  • I won't. -
    DAIApproval Cole Greatly Approves
    DAIApproval Blackwall Slightly Approves
    DAIApproval Iron Bull Slightly Approves
    DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves
    DAIApproval Cassandra Slightly Disapproves
  • This place is hardly romantic. -
    DAIApproval Dorian Slightly Approves
    DAIApproval Solas Slightly Approves
  • Why the secrecy? - No approval change

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: The First Blight: Chapter 1

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Text ico The Rusted Horn's Menu

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