The Runic Golem is a quest in The Golems of Amgarrak DLC. You have found a Runic Golem which you'll have to activate if you wish to increase your chances of survival within Amgarrak Thaig.

Acquisition Edit

Approach the inactive Runic Golem in one of the side-chambers in the Deep Roads Grotto.

Walkthrough Edit

After interacting with the golem, Jerrik Dace will muse that there must be a control rod nearby. Upon leaving the golem's chamber, the mist will have shifted once again, revealing another chamber with the control rod and a Rune Anvil in it. After battling four shrieks, pick up the control rod, return to the golem and activate it.

Result Edit

The Runic Golem re-activates and becomes an incredibly hardy companion.