The Raw Fade is a section of the Fade visited by the Warden in Dragon Age: Origins.

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This section of the fade is an exposed island lying on the periphery of the Sloth demon's domain which is neither a nightmare used to trap a dreamer nor a realm controlled by one of the lesser demons under sloth's power. After shattering the illusion of Weisshaupt fortress; the Grey Warden headquarters in the distant Anderfels, the Warden escapes here, where they encounter Niall who reveals the how the Sloth Demon's domain functions.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Broken Circle
Ico Quest Lost in Dreams
Map-The Raw Fade

Map of the Raw Fade from Dragon Age: origins

Characters Edit

  • Niall is here to explain what happened and about the Sloth demon. While he doesn't want to come with The Warden, he is a good source of information.
  • A mage apprentice in the form of a Mouse was attacked by a Rage demon here. When you free him from the rage demon, it is too late for the mouse. But he gives you his shape shifting talent, called mouse. You will need his talent to travel through the mouse holes. The mouse form is small and has stealth, but it isn't for combat purposes.

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Special objects Edit

  • Lyrium veins touching it restores your mana/stamina and health. The vein will auto recharge after a minute or so.
  • Fade Pedestal touching it sends you to the travel map. But only when there isn't a Dreamer stopping it from working. After talking to Mouse and returning to Niall the pedestal will be active.
  • Special doors:
    • Mouse Holes (Needs Mouse form.)
    • Spirit Doors (Need Spirit form.)
Bug icon Bug! pcIcon pc On the northwest island, it is possible to walk under the Spirit Door, making it possible to pass through the door even in normal form. However, it is not possible to do the same on the other side, which leaves your character trapped if they cannot yet use the Spirit form.

Trivia Edit

  • If The Warden is a mage, then when Niall speaks about the mouse dreamer, they have the opportunity to say that they once met another mouse in the Fade, referring to the character Mouse met during their Harrowing.

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