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The Mystery of Winter is a side quest in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

An unnatural but strangely familiar cold emanates from a locked door within Frostback Basin.

Acquisition Edit

Automatically acquired upon finding the door in the Frostback Basin, located southwest of Canyon Camp.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Unlock the door with 12 shards
  • Enter the chamber to complete the quest
  • Explore the chamber

The easily missed Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Geldauran's Claim can be found on the wall in the back left corner.

Rewards Edit

Opening the door:

  • 177 XP
  • 80 Influence
  • 1 Power

Completing the quest:

  • 1316 XP
  • 150 Influence

Opening the sarcophagus:

  • Cold Resistance + 15
  • Gold ~7
Master Frost Rune icon Master Frost RuneMaster Frost Rune
Adds cold damage to each weapon strike

+16 Cold Damage

Rare Belt Icon Enhanced Belt of Cold ResistanceEnhanced Belt of Cold Resistance
Rare Belt

+15% Cold Resistance

DAI-ringicon1-rare Enhanced Ice Mine RingEnhanced Ice Mine Ring
Rare Ring

Increased ability duration by 30%

Tyrddas Staff icon Accuser's StaffAccuser's Staff
Unique Staff
Andrastian mages once used staves like this one to exact justice against maleficarum. None have been made since the Towers Age.
Requires: Level 21

Damage: 79-81 Cold
+16 Spirit Damage
+9% Attack
+32% Barrier Damage Bonus
+16% Guard Damage Bonus
+18 Magic

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Leather-Bound Hakkonite Journal
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Geldauran's Claim

Gallery Edit

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