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You took that beautiful music from us, and left us nothing!

The Mother

The Mother's Face
Human (formerly)
Female (formerly)

The Mother is a unique awakened broodmother who leads the darkspawn attacking the Arling of Amaranthine. She used to be a female human before she turned into a broodmother.

Background Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

The Mother is a broodmother who was freed from the call of the Old Gods by the Architect. However, contrary to the Architect's expectation, the Mother was not grateful, instead driven to insanity by the deprivation from her "sweet music" and the realization that she had become a monster, and so she strives to re-connect herself and her loyal darkspawn to the Calling, acting in direct opposition to the Architect's goals.

The Mother controls one faction of the Disciples as well as a large number of unawakened darkspawn. Most importantly, the Mother is the one breeding the Children. Several of her primary minions are encountered by the Warden-Commander during the course of Awakening. These include:

  • The First - this is the first Disciple loyal to the Mother. It is a powerful melee combatant and acts as a catalyst for the events that occur in the Blackmarsh.
  • The Lost - the second loyal Disciple, the Lost is a skillful spellcaster encountered at the end of Kal'Hirol, fighting in tandem with the Inferno golem. It protects the broodmothers of Kal'hirol.
  • The Herald - the final named Disciple the Warden-Commander encounters. The Herald serves as the field-commander of the Mother's army of darkspawn during the attack on Vigil's Keep. It is a capable rogue and serves as the final encounter during the battle.

Ultimately, the Mother proves to be the true antagonistic force in Awakening, as evidenced by her use of a considerable army of darkspawn to attack the city of Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep.

After personally repulsing the attack at either the city of Amaranthine or Vigil's Keep, the Warden-Commander seeks out the Mother in her lair and slays her. A mage Warden-Commander finishes her off with a lightning spell. A warrior or rogue Warden-Commander impales her though her stomach, then her chest, and finally runs a sword through her mouth.

Strategy Edit

See The Mother (strategy).

Quotes Edit

  • (regarding the Architect) "He claims he wishes the darkspawn to be free. What he truly wants is to CORRECT them!"

Companion reactions to The Mother Edit

These reactions are said only if the Architect's offer of help in fighting the Mother has been refused:

  • The Mother: "If it isn't the hero of the hour! The slayer of the mighty Father, come to claim a reward! Oh, what a delicious day!"
  • Anders: "They just get bigger and uglier, don't they?"
  • Nathaniel: "What is THAT?!"
  • Oghren: "That's a lot of nipples!"
  • Justice: "This is the Mother, surely. A disgusting thing of evil and hate!"
  • Sigrun: "By the Ancestors! Do all broodmothers smell this bad?"
  • Velanna: "Creators preserve us! I have never seen such foulness!"
  • The Mother: "Am I not beautiful?" (laughs)

Trivia Edit

  • In Jade Empire, another BioWare game, there is a creature called 'The Mother' that bears similar traits - a corpulent matriarchal entity of a race of twisted humanoids ("Cannibals"), begetting a legion of 'offspring', with the desire to wreak havoc upon the land on the surface.
  • The Mother is not actually a darkspawn, but a ghoul. As seen with Hespith's narration of the transformation, broodmothers are special forms of ghouls that are forced to eat the dead (sometimes relatives and friends).

Bugs Edit

  • Some experience the cutscene of the Mother's death being replayed in an endless loop, preventing the credits from being shown. pcIcon pc Hitting Esc repeatedly may end the cycle. xbox360Icon xbox360Pressing the start button several times seems to end the loop.

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