The Missing Merchant is a case in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is completed when the player earns ten Clues.

Description Edit

You track the merchant down to an ill-reputed house on Candles Street, where he has been indulging his fondness for contracted affection, strong wine and certain herbs from the depths of the Applewoods.

Your guards drag him before you. He makes a hoarse apology. "I may have over-indulged, your Grace. You know what they say: 'There is no guilt in Serault'."

You demand to know what he means. "Only that no one cares what happens here," he stammers. "A man - or woman! - can indulge their vices in Serault without worrying that word of them will get back home."

Available actions Edit


Send the fool away
You've got the tints. That's what matters.
+1 Trophy, +10 Freedom, -10 Dignity, -10 Clues
A Miraculous Opportunity


Seize his cargo
No guilt, eh? Then so be it!
+1 Trophy, +10 Prosperity, -10 Freedom, -10 Clues
A Miraculous Opportunity

Note Edit

During the Missing Merchant there are no pinned cards, and no character cards appear in the Happenstance deck, except for the Smiling Guildmistress. By intentionally avoiding Clues when completing events, a player can enter the main game with boosted statistics. This will still use actions, but will not start the countdown to the Divine's arrival until later.